Q: Gender Identification

The Question

Do you consider yourself to be transgender?
() Yes
() No
() Questioning
() Prefer not to answer

Do you consider yourself to be gender non-conforming, gender diverse, gender variant, or gender expansive?
() Yes
() No
() Questioning
() Prefer not to answer

Are you intersex?
() Yes
() No
() I don't know
() Prefer not to answer

Where do you identify on the gender spectrum (check all that apply)?
[] Woman
[] Demi-girl
[] Man
[] Demi-boy
[] Non-binary
[] Demi-non-binary
[] Genderqueer
[] Genderflux
[] Genderfluid
[] Demi-fluid
[] Demi-gender
[] Bigender
[] Trigender
[] Two-Spirit
[] Multigender/polygender
[] Pangender/omnigender
[] Maxigender
[] Aporagender
[] Intergender
[] Maverique
[] Gender confusion/Gender f*ck
[] Gender indifferent
[] Graygender
[] Agender/genderless
[] Demi-agender
[] Genderless
[] Gender neutral
[] Neutrois
[] Androgynous
[] Androgyne
[] Prefer not to answer
[] Self Identify: _________________


Not all gender non-conforming people consider themselves to be transgender, which is why it is a separate question.

We separate the question of trans and gender-non-conforming to include people with intersecting identities of “non-conforming” and “any other gender identity.” Because it is structured this way, people can identify as “a man” and “gender non conforming.”

We ask for people to check all identities on the gender spectrum because many LGBTQ people may identify with multiple labels. We use the terms “woman” and “man” rather than “male” and “female” because the latter terms are more associated with birth assigned gender and not current gender identity.

The list of gender identities was taken from the book “The ABCs of LGBTQ+” by Ashley Mardell. Available at https://mango.bz/books/the-abcs-of-lgbt-by-ashley-mardell-113-b