Get Involved

How to get involved

The issue queue is a great place to start. There are a few ways to get started:


If you’re familiar with github workflows (fork, change, PR), then you’re already familiar with the fastest way to get started. Go ahead and fork the repo, make your changes in a branch, and then open a PR. If possible, include the issue #, and don’t forget to add yourself to the contributors file if you’re not already there.

Add Comments

The most valuable contributions from people are their ideas. Look through our questions, and our issues, and if you want to see something changed, please (after you create/sign in to github) create an issue.

Current Contributors

You can see a list of current contributors here:

Contributors (and their reasons for contributing) ordered by first contribution
@drnikki, I believe that it is vital to our health as a tech community
@nstielau, I think this will encourage conversations and make a difference
@imtiffanyyu, passionate about inclusion and empowerment
@rachel_norfolk, I find it is the diversity in the people that I meet that makes life interesting. We should celebrate this diversity, not feel it is a chore to consider.
@thenyouDi, I live by the motto "Nothing about us without us!"
@sarahsharp, I support diversity in open source and moving towards more inclusive communities.
@bronwynlewis, I'm passionate about how people can build empathy for others which starts with awareness of people's existence and intersectional identity
@kaibot3000, so we can gather and share data consistently and compassionately
@brownsarahm, I'm passionate about STEM (engineering & machine learning emphasis) diversity and know how hard it can be to make good surveys as a leader of organizations in that space