Survey Design References

This document is intended to share as much as possible of the literature/refrences that were considered when working on this project. A lot of good work is behind academic paywalls, and so is included here for easy and equitable access.

Researching queer identities

“Within queer theory, Jagose, among others, highlights the instability of identity categories, arguing that “queeris an identity category that has no interest in consolidating or even stabilizing itself… [Q]ueer is always an identity under construction”” [Doa16]

The politics of counting

[Doa16] (p92) talks about “counting as broadly as possible.” If one can count “broadly,” then one can also count narrowly, strictly, partically, etc. cCounting itself is not a value-netural activity.

When writing questions

A literature review/evaluation of surveys is given in [Dol13] and references studies mostly used for market and tourism research. A good overview.

All References

The citation plugin renders the items with links to their academic sources (often paywalled), but you can go straight into the github repository and download every file for which we have a PDF.

[Doa16](1, 2) Petra Doan. To Count or Not to Count: Queering Measurement and the Transgender Community. Women’s Studies Quarterly, 44(3/4):89–110, October 2016. URL:
[Dol13]Sara Dolnicar. Asking Good Survey Questions. Journal of Travel Research, 52(5):551–574, September 2013. URL:, doi:10.1177/0047287513479842.


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