Temporary Catchall

Intended Audience

This repository, and the questions it contains, are designed for communities that want to know about the makeup of their community. It was specifically created by and for open source software communities but could be used by any community that is interested in who is in their community.

How to use

(a guide to the data standards) The questions in this repo are set up each as their own file. If you find ourself thinking - “I wonder where most of our community members live” or “I wonder if the gender makeup of my community matches the average in my country” - these questions can help you answer that.

These questions are especially useful if you’re asking questions with the goal to measure changes over time.

Documentation Conventions

  • This document uses reStructuredText format and documentation is generated via Sphinx. It’s pretty neat. We chose this because the structuring conventions aren’t too complicated and it also meanas that you don’t have to know how to code to contribute to the project.