The information below is part of a larger conversation about Open Source Program (or Project) Offices (OSPOs)in academic (university) settings.

Ways to Contribute

[VERSO] has compiled a list of ways to contribute to open source, especially if you are not a coder.

What other universities/companies/municipalities have OSPOs?

  • OSPO++’s [list of member organizations(]
  • The interactive OSPO Landscape Map is a map of open source program offices, supporters, and associates.

Open Source by the numbers

Case Studies

Groups supporting OSPOS

  • TODO group: an open collective of OSPOs, largely corporate. TODO is founded with/by the Linux Foundation
  • OSPO++: A group of OSPOs specifically in academic or government contexts.
  • The OSPOlogy project (part of TODO Group) is the active community/participation arm of TODO focused on the study of OSPOs.

Further Reading

I made a public and continually updated Zotero Library with references I’ve found useful in my thinking both about open source, and about OSPOs in particular.

VERSO, the OSPO at University of Vermont, has compiled a reading list.

Open@RIT has a Zotero library of resources about open work. source

Verso Playbook