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Open Source PhD: The Dissertation

·2 mins

Since my first semester in graduate school, I’ve been posting my reading lists and general themes for the month. Since my comprehensive exams in May, I have certainly been reading, though not nearly as much. I took some time off, moved to the Dartmouth area and began working as a researcher and lab manager of the Digital Justice Lab, a lab in the Digital Humanities and Social Engagement Cluster.

Part of the motivation of sharing those lists (you can see the first entry here) was to acknowledge my privilege to be able to read and think with professors and peers, and to share as much as I can about the process. My years of open-source training have instilled in me that the more knowledge can be shared, the better. I’ve struggled with the best way to maintain that as I enter the dissertation phase of my degree. The best conclusion I’ve come to is that I can share how I’m working, I can share some of the artifacts of the process, and I can share - for better and/or worse - how I’m going to get this dissertation done in the next 18 months.

So, welcome to “Open Source Dissertation.”

I’m breaking the next few weeks into theme weeks so that I can survey the literature in several key areas and get a sense of key texts I’ll need to engage with. This week is “Conceptual Modeling.”