Open demographics

The Open Demographics project is an open-source project designed to help people and teams ask questions about demographic data (gender, sexual orientation, race). It uses an open source paradigm (community sourced, publicly accessible) to generate a collective consensus on the most inclusive ways to ask questions. This project is not without it’s own political shortcomings and challenges - it’s in English, and most contributors are based in the United States. The community is working to enhance it and expand it to other regions.

Outcomes: This project, in concert with the Gender Field project on has resulted in more inclusive questioning for over one million users. Check out the blog announcement by Dries Buytaert (founder of Drupal).

Trans-inclusive data model

As the result of both Open Demographics conversations, and other conversations about how to store data collected by inclusive demographic forms. The trans-inclusive data model (currently under construction) is designed to store name, gender, pronoun information in a context-sensitive way that supports asking questions of the data like “I’m about to call this person at home - what is their name and pronoun there?”